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Serenity Recovery Center
in Cranford, NJ

Taking back control of your life is a very powerful moment in your life. It is a moment when you realize you are struggling in such a way that you cannot climb out of addiction without help. We have all been there in one way or another in our lifetime, but your reason is due to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Now the hole so deep, and you're looking up wondering how you will get out of it. You never meant for this to become an addiction, you never meant for it to get this far. But it is out of your control, and you want to take your life back. This is where we come in to help. Look no further, Serenity Recovery is here to help and our drug rehab center in Cranford, New Jersey is where it all begins.

Our drug rehab facility in Cranford offers a chance at a new life. We know the struggles and experiences you have been going through. We want to give you a community of support, along with the tools you will need to make your sobriety permanent. Addiction recovery is a powerful thing, especially when you have spent so much time imprisoned by your dependence. You feel you are running out of options, and this is an option that, with your hard work and dedication, can see to it that you get your life back on track.

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A supervised detox is an important first step at a drug detox clinic. It will be supervised to ensure your safety and comfort through this otherwise very uncomfortable process. You will have the support you need to detox and begin your treatment plans with a clear mind and body. This part of treatment may seem scary, but at our Cranford addiction recovery center, you don't have to be afraid. You are not doing this alone. Once you have detoxed off drugs or alcohol, the next steps become far less intimidating.

You will be surrounded by a community of people who understand and care for your well-being. This support system will help you find your voice and learn to speak openly and honestly about your experiences. While going through our addiction recovery program in Cranford, you never have to worry about judgment. A Serenity Recovery substance abuse treatment facility can give you the peace of mind and support to talk about things you might not have felt ready to talk about before. With this assistance comes extended support groups. These will give you a chance to listen, speak, and learn in a safe environment.

You may be suffering from a dual diagnosis. This means you have two separate disorders. Along with your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be suffering from a mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. You can live a normal and happy life with a well-managed mental illness. This is why at an addiction recovery facility, we will treat your addiction and mental illness separately to ensure you have the best chance possible to maintain your sobriety.

Drug rehab centers do not have to be intimidating. We take pride in keeping our facility safe and comfortable for clients. When going through the process of recovery, it is important that you feel like you are at your home away from home at our Cranford addiction treatment center. You don't need to spend your time concerned about anything other than taking this time to get your mind, body, and soul healthy. Our addiction treatment facility in Cranford is the best place to find the support and help you need to overcome this addiction to drugs or alcohol. But it is up to you to take this opportunity and work the steps.

You have a chance now to put yourself first in a healthy way. You have the chance to take back the power you gave up so long ago to drugs or alcohol. This is when you are at a crossroads, and for the first time, you have the support you need to make the right choice.