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Substance abuse is a serious problem all across the United States, and the problem is growing. Though the compulsive use of intoxicants has plagued mankind since its beginnings, in recent years the easy availability of street and prescription drugs has led to a situation that is spiraling out of control in many communities. Left untreated, a substance use disorder can lead to the loss of your career, your family, your health, and reputation in society.

There’s no question that a serious substance abuse habit is hardly worth the price, but the enticement of a high can be very hard to resist for someone physically and mentally dependent. That’s why it’s so important that anyone who is dealing with a serious substance abuse problem seek help at a Serenity drug rehab center in your community. These centers, like our substance abuse treatment facility in Downers Grove, Illinois are able to offer counseling and treatment for those in need of help in achieving sobriety. For many in need of healing, admittance at our Downers Grove drug rehab facility is their first step on the road to addiction recovery and a healthy, fulfilling life that will elevate you from your downers!

Entering the Addiction Recovery Center

Clients who enter our drug rehab facility in Downers Grove for treatment have their case analyzed by a counselor who will then help you design an individualized recovery plan. This plan will be a combination of counseling, detox, and aftercare support. Once the plan is established, the client enters detox.

Detoxification at the Addiction Recovery Facility

You will go through a detoxification process in order to wean yourself off drugs and alcohol, so they can begin recovery with a clear head and body. Withdrawal symptoms may ensue when the client's stops using intoxicants. A licensed healthcare professional will be with the client at all times offering supervision and support to ensure that you are safe during the process.

Counseling at the Addiction Treatment Center

Once detox is complete, the long-term work of recovery will being in counseling sessions. These will include one-on-one meetings with a counselor, as well as group meetings with others in recovery. Clients are strongly encouraged to share their issues and concerns openly and honestly, so they can gain a greater understanding of the psychological issues underlying their substance abuse. By sharing openly other clients can offer support to you in the recovery community.

Along with counseling, therapy is also available through group activities like nature hikes, art and yoga classes, and meditation. These activities will support the client’s recovery by retraining the brain to seek legitimate pleasure and getting in touch with your own personal strength and self-awareness, as these are qualities you may have lost touch with before getting sober.

Aftercare Following Treatment in the Addiction Recovery Program

As the course of treatment at our Downers Grove drug rehab clinic comes to an end, plans for ongoing support, or aftercare, will be discussed. A counselor at the addiction treatment facility meets with you to discuss aftercare and make recommendations about the best course to follow in order to ensure that your sobriety is supported once you leave the addiction recovery program.

Some clients may be encouraged to enroll in a group sober living home with others in recovery. Ongoing counseling sessions as well as twelve step meetings are also recommended to many clients. The goal of aftercare is to ensure that the client has support for their ongoing recovery, so that they are not in danger of relapsing when they return to their daily life.

There’s no doubt that the quest for sobriety is a worthwhile one. If you are in need of help, call Serenity Recovery today, and let the healing begin.