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If you’re dependent on a substance, you will realize at some point that you have become addicted to a drug. Your life may be starting to fall apart, and perhaps you have come to the realization you have to stop the cycle of misery you find yourself in. For various reasons, some will delay seeking help and entering a substance abuse treatment facility. Fearing the social stigma attached to drug addiction, people can be hesitant to admit they are addicted, or maybe confused and fearful about the recovery process. Addiction recovery is not something to be afraid of, if managed properly it can be an extremely rewarding experience. The hesitation and fear are often caused by a lack of understanding about the recovery process and how a drug rehab facility operates. Let us explain a few things about recovery that will alleviate your concerns and encourage you to seek help to rid yourself of the addiction.

Rest assured: you are not alone in your quest; you have joined a group of individuals with the same goals and challenges as you. You’re in a safe and friendly environment surrounded by people who are interested in helping you attain a lasting recovery. What you share with your fellow clients is entirely up to you, you will not be asked to discuss any personal issues you wish to keep to yourself. When working with your assigned counselor, you are encouraged to be open and truthful in your answers to their questions. Mental health issues require dual diagnosis examined at this time; it is not unusual for someone to suffer from other mental problems that are contributing to their addiction. Depression and anxiety are examples of co-occurring dual diagnosis disorders. Being open and honest with your counselor will help them design a recovery program that will treat both issues and meet your unique needs.

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Questions such as: will I have to go through detox? If so, what is detox like? Is it painful? are often asked. Detox is the process which your body rids itself of the harmful chemicals keeping you dependent. For obvious reasons, this is a critical first step in your addiction recovery. It is imperative that you choose an addiction recovery facility that has a drug detox clinic. While you are in our Windsor drug rehab clinic, your condition will be monitored 24/7. Trained professionals will help you through this difficult period. How long you will detox depends on your individual needs.

Once you have completed detox, your counselor will start working with you on a regular schedule and introducing you to fellow clients. You will be assigned a bedroom, shown around the Serenity addiction treatment center in Windsor, advised on meal times, given schedules of activities, and have your questions answered. The safety and care protocol of our Windsor addiction treatment facility is impeccable. It is not unusual for a client to be assigned certain duties regarding the general upkeep of the center, cleaning your room is one example. This builds character, emphasizes responsibility, and provides meaning.

Before long you will develop friendships with others, visiting during free time, and sharing in group meetings will help you build a support group that is critical to your recovery. Your fellow clients will offer much-needed understanding, compassion, and concern. Often, what is said by a fellow client is just what you needed to hear. Your support group can be a part of your aftercare program. It is critical to your perpetual recovery to establish an aftercare program, attending NA meetings in your area, sometimes held at the addiction treatment facility you attended. Taking these measures will help keep focused on your recovery.

While there are numerous drug rehab centers located in almost every part of the country, it is important to choose an addiction recovery program facility that has the experience and expertise to give you the best chance of having a successful recovery. One such facility is Serenity addiction recovery center in Windsor, Connecticut. This addiction recovery center is part of our network which has vast experience helping thousands of people like you that need professional and compassionate assistance. Call us today.